Lovedy Barbatelli

Lovedy Barbatelli’s signature stile resides in the place where possibilities are entertained, explored and realized. With Proper guidance, a wealth of design opportunities are revealed as attainable choices. A vast array of resources become available to acquire what the client desires in order to define their personal style.

Drawing deeply and freely from a childhood steeped in aesthetic, BARBATELLI’s design talent emerges as a signature expression within the Barbatelli lineage.
With her European heritage, her active eye in the arts and her affinity with the landscape and the indigenous people of the west, she has come to embody a maverick presence, staking territory where tradition meets modernism.

Lovedy’s cultivated vision is a result of a life long association with fine art, fashion, music, film, and theater. Applying classic ideals to current trends, she crafts interior settings revealing her client’s character and style of living.

Lovedy Barbatelli has owned and operated BARBATELLI for 22 years. Her philosophy is to possess integrity, trust, good listening skills and she comes from an upbringing of good ol’ fashioned hard work. Nothing satisfies her more in knowing that going that extra mile for her clients is what satisfies her and gives her work purpose. Her natural ability to communicate with her clients as well as with all parties involved is one of the many keys to her success. By listening, thinking before speaking, problem solving, along with a little dash of humor, she gets the job done.

Lovedy prides herself in relentless follow up and always puts her clients’ needs in the forefront. She is not afraid to ask lots of questions to be sure she has pin pointed the desires of her clients. She manages her jobs with forthright clarity and finesse, Always kind, but firm when a situation demands it. Lovedy believes that not only is her time valuable, but everyone else’s is as well. Therefore she shows up in life as promised. With good attitude, ready to go.

The discerning client is one who understands the role of and interior designer plays in navigating the realms of imagination and possibility. This individual, inquisitive and involved, relies on reinvention and exploration of the spaces as a reflection of self.

“I count on Lovedy’s skill, style, and integrity to create a masterpiece.“ M.H.

“Lovedy’s sense of style and sophistication has expanded my personal taste.“ R.B.

“Lovedy is relentless when it comes to getting the details right.” D.S.

I see Lovedy as intuitive in the realm of Interior Design. She has inspired us to nurture ourselves, hence we have become one with our new surroundings.” N.J.