The discerning client is one who understands the role an interior designer plays in navigating the realms of imagination and possibility. This individual is inquisitive and involved, and relies on exploration and reinvention of the spaces as a reflection of self. – LB

Why Lovedy Barbatelli

Lovedy’s intuition and expertise resides in the place where possibilities are entertained, explored and realized. With her European heritage, her astute eye for the arts and her affinity with nature, she has come to embody a maverick presence, staking territory where classic design meets modernism. Lovedy’s vision is a result of a life-long association and sensitivity with fine art, design, fashion, theater, film, and music, which allows her to combine classic ideals with the individual style of her clients. Lovedy crafts interior settings that reveal her client’s character, style and comfort of living.


“I count on Lovedy’s skill, style, and integrity to create a masterpiece.“

Muriel H.

“I would recommend Lovedy Barbatelli to anyone who is looking for a first-rate designer.”

M. Berger

“Lovedy has inspired us to nurture ourselves within our home. We have become one with our surroundings.”

Nanette J.

“Lovedy is relentless when it comes to getting the details right.”

David S.

“What BARBATELLI creates is something we really want to live with. This becomes a daily part of our lives. Lovedy had brought major value to us in this regard.”

D. Lisiten

“Lovedy’s sense of style and sophistication has expanded my personal taste.“

Robert B.