About Lovedy

Lovedy Barbatelli

Lovedy’s notable lineage, infused with her cultivated vision and classical ideals, defines her visionary talent and inspires her Interior Design. Lovedy takes the realm of classic design and combines it with her modern aesthetic, honing her vision and ability to interpret a person’s taste and lifestyle. Lovedy’s extensive association and appreciation as a collector of fine art contributes to her intuitive design sensibilities. The innate design prowess and management skills possessed by Lovedy, transforms a lifestyle into a classic, timeless and eclectic modernism.

Lovedy’s Story

Lovedy Barbatelli has owned and operated Barbatelli for 22 years. Her philosophy possesses design vision, expertise, trust, and active listening skills. Barbatelli comes from an upbringing of good ol’ fashioned hard work. Nothing satisfies her more in knowing that going that extra mile for her clients is what satisfies her and gives her work purpose and delivers a beyond expectation result. Her natural ability to communicate with her clients as well as with all parties involved is one of the many keys to her success. By listening, honed communication skills, problem solving, along with a little dash of humor, the job gets finished in a timely manner.

Lovedy experiments with all the variables of form, function and style, and reveals a composition of sophisticated elegance that embodies her clientele’s character and style of living. The relentless attention to detail, follow through, and keen communication skills, is what brings dreams, collaboratively to life.

Lovedy prides herself in relentless follow up and always puts her clients’ needs in the forefront. She is not afraid to ask lots of questions to be sure she has pin-pointed the desires of her clients. She manages her jobs with forthright clarity and finesse, Always kind, but firm when a situation demands it. Lovedy believes that not only is her time valuable, but everyone else’s is as well.

Trust between Lovedy, her clients and all collaborators is very high on her list, which breeds a culture of harmony and respect.

I see myself as an intuitive in the realm of our interior surroundings. What will inspire and create an environment that nurtures us to be ourselves? – LB


“I count on Lovedy’s skill, style, and integrity to create a masterpiece.“

Muriel H.

“I would recommend Lovedy Barbatelli to anyone who is looking for a first-rate designer.”

M. Berger

“Lovedy has inspired us to nurture ourselves within our home. We have become one with our surroundings.”

Nanette J.

“Lovedy is relentless when it comes to getting the details right.”

David S.

“What BARBATELLI creates is something we really want to live with. This becomes a daily part of our lives. Lovedy had brought major value to us in this regard.”

D. Lisiten

“Lovedy’s sense of style and sophistication has expanded my personal taste.“

Robert B.